No one should have to leave their home or family because of war, famine, drought or any other reason. At the same time, all human beings have the right to choose where they want to live their lives and, in any case, all people have the right to equal protection of all their rights, wherever they are.

At Itaka-Escolapios, committed to defending all the rights of all people, we dedicate a large part of our efforts to international cooperation and to supporting communities in their places of origin. Likewise, we are convinced that the reception of people who, for whatever reason, are forced to migrate to other countries, besides being of strict justice, is a condition of possibility to carry out educational and pastoral projects from the Gospel of Jesus.

When more and more arguments are heard against migrants, always against poor migrants, certainly it is more necessary than ever to show the human face of our societies and to reach out to those who ask only for an opportunity to restart their lives and to be able to offer the best of their talents.

From Itaka-Escolapios we commit ourselves to continue deepening our programs of reception, literacy, accompaniment and support of migrants, as well as to grow in sensitivity to all that they bring to us and to feel them as an important part of our organization.