Celebration of Calasancian Week in Cameroon

We started the week with the works of Bamendjou in western Cameroon. Here, the celebration of the Calasancienne week was carried out successfully. Young and old alike have given theirs for a better celebration. From the opening mass to the incollables match, from the fashion show to the choir competition, from the dance competition to the singing competition, the party was beautiful.


                   Still in the region of western Cameroon but this time in Bandjoun Saint Joseph Calasanz was also celebrated in the most beautiful way. talents of singers, dancers and designers have been unearthed on this side.


              In the Center region, the holiday was also celebrated in the best possible way. In an extraordinary synergy, the teachers and learners of Bafia had fun throughout the celebration. The day of the games was filled with all kinds of funny games.


                 In Yaoundé, the celebration was also made in the best possible way. The Saint Joseph Calasanz Bilingual School of Abobo and the Saint Joseph Calasanz Bilingual Academic Complex of Messame-Ndongo presented activities prepared in advance with great interest.

The week was beautiful, and celebrated in the best possible way in the various works present on the Cameroonian territory. Joy, cheerfulness, love, surprise and happiness have been the feelings shared throughout this week.