Towards the fraternity in Equatorial Guinea

In the perspective of the sharing mission and the creation of a fraternity in Equatorial Guinea, the laity of the community of Ebebiyin, accompanied by the coordinator of the sharing mission in Equatorial Guinea, held a meeting of exchange and formation in the afternoon of 23 April. During this meeting, they were first informed about the reality of the laity in Ebebiyin, and gave news about the current situation in the province. Then followed the planning of an assembly for the laity in Equatorial Guinea and the proposal of certain activities for the integral development of each member of the laity. Finally, a theme was proposed on fraternity. It was a question of clarifying certain doubts and leading them to open up to the spirit of fraternity. The evening ended with a series of questions and answers between the laity and the coordinator of the mission sharing in Equatorial Guinea.