Medical Days of Piarist Doctors Volunteers from Yaoundé to Bamendjou

This year the “Piarist Health Care Volonteers” are organising the 5th edition of medical campaign in the Piarist Mission of Bamendjou from the 4th to the 8th of October 2022 under the theme ” Good health and good education guarantees a healthy society”.
The main objective is to respond to the medical needs of our children and their families at the beginning of this academic year. Through this activity, we are carrying out free medical consultation and free distribution of drugs. The health personal involved are – Dentists, Optamologists, Gynaecologists, General practitioners, Naturopath etc.
We are grateful to our benefactors especially ITAKA ESXOLAPIOS FOUNDATION and all persons of good will who are supporting our actions towards the vulneral perons of our society.
We equally express our gratitude to the medical personel, Volonteers, Educators and to our brothers in the community of Bamendjou who contributed to the success of this edition