Visit of the IFAD Representative portfolio Cameroon-Gabon at the Nazareth center

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, the Nazareth center received an IFAD-PADFA joint delegation heard International Fund for Agricultural Development and Agricultural Development Pathway Program; having at its head Bernard Mwinyel Hien, IFAD Country Portfolio Representative for Cameroon-Gabon.
The visit began with an exchange in which the Director, Father Kizito presented the Nazareth center, its history, its training, partnerships, its various production units, its potential, its human and material resources.
Then IFAD Representative to focus on the capacity of the Nazareth center, its educational background, the profile of students trained, and finally the difficulties faced by those students during and after their training.
Great was our joy to know that the center Nazareth was chosen to benefit from the implementation of the youth program which is at its second stage, with the objective of learning for young people cultivating rice and onion; in order to ensure real social and professional integration of young people in the agricultural sector in Cameroon.
A tour of the premises was carried out in the various units that make up the Nazareth center; followed by a snack and a family picture before a friendly separation from the host brand.
Appointment has been made for the coming weeks.