For this activity, the Crew suggests that all the pupils from the school do this mural together. Its aim will be to present the ASRAMA project to the Educational Community as a whole.

We will place a mural of 3 x 4 metres in the school’s most frequented place (the entrance or the Secretary’s Office). It will be divided in several sections: the project’s explanation, physical location and geographical context, demographical and cultural context, educational and religious context, Atambua, beneficiaries, the work project…

Each level will have to elaborate one of the different sections. In order to do so, the teachers will choose a mural for each grade and the rest will be used to decorate the establishment’s corridors or the classrooms. The chosen mural will be placed in its own section on the great mural.

Level Activity Section of the project
PRESCHOOL Die-cut and colour a mask from one of the Itaka’s crew characters and take a group photo to add it to the mural.
1st PRIMARY Cut and colour images of the children who will live in the ASRAMA boarding school as well as the care staff and the Piarist priests. Beneficiaries
2nd PRIMARY Draw a big plan of the boarding school and identify each of the spaces of which the ASRAMA in Atambua will dispose. Work project
3rd PRIMARY A Mural concerning the region’s flora, fauna and environment. PHYSICAL LOCATION AND GEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT
4th PRIMARY A Mural with information about the cultural context (languages, sports, gastronomy, traditions, etc.) CULTURAL AND DEMOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT
5th PRIMARY A Mural with data regarding the demographical context (ethnic groups, number of inhabitants, etc.) A mural explaining the cultural context (languages, sports, gastronomy, traditions, etc.) DEMOGRAPHICAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT
6th PRIMARY A drawing of a world map identifying INDONESIA within the Asian continent, a map of INDONESIA identifying TIMOR and a map of TIMOR indicating the position of ATAMBUA. PHYSICAL LOCATION AND GEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT
1st SECONDARY Mural about the country’s relief and climate (sea, mountains, volcanoes, type of climate and its particularities, etc.) PHYSICAL LOCATION AND GEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT
2nd SECONDARY Mural with information about Indonesia’s geographical context (number of islands, the most important ones, surface, population, etc.) PHYSICAL LOCATION AND GEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT
3rd SECONDARY Mural describing the country’s educational system as well as its situation and some information about Indonesia’s main religions. EDUCATIONAL AND RELIGIOUS CONTEXT
4th SECONDARY Mural with data regarding Indonesia’s socioeconomic context (currency, GDP, main economic activities, etc.) Explanation of the HDI and Indonesia’s location. A mural with a brief summary of Indonesia’s history and political system. SOCIOECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CONTEXT
1st BACCALAUREATE Mural regarding the following data about Timor and Atambua (history during the Colonial era, the independence war, data about the population, economy and economic activities, etc.) ATAMBUA
2nd BACCALAUREATE Mural indicating the number of beneficiaries and their place of provenance. Location, the project we wish to undertake and its goals. PROJECT’S EXPLANATION