We incorporate ethical criteria into our insurance policies

This academic year begins with a step forward in the use of a transformative economy in Itaka-Escolapios: we have changed many of our insurance policies to insurers certified with the EthSI seal through the brokerage Arç Cooperativa, an entity specialised in the sectors of the social and solidarity economy, the associative world and renewable energies.

The EthSI seal is a mark of ethical and solidarity-based quality that assesses the degree of transparency and good practices carried out by insurance companies, insurance managers and the products they market. The Ethical Finance Observatory distinguishes with this seal insurance companies, insurance brokers, managers, agents and insurance products that are offered to the market according to criteria based on values of ethical responsibility and solidarity.

This step is part of one of the objectives defined by the general team of resources management for the Itaka-Escolapios Network as a whole, «to promote the use of an economy at the service of people, which assumes as part of its mission to respond to the challenges of social and ecological transformation», aligned with the objectives of the Itaka-Escolapios Strategic Plan 2021-2026, and is in addition to other steps already taken in the field of ethical finance, such as greater use of ethical banking entities, the contracting of energy only from renewable sources or the contracting of ethical telecommunications through responsible consumer cooperatives.